Our House Was Our Castle & Our Keep

Friday, February 7, 2014

I found myself on a browsing rampage; endlessly scrolling through way too many fabulous blogs. I may or may not be trying to distract myself from stupid young adult (so much better sounding than teenage) problems (isn't it always grades, work, fashion, or 'romance'?) and I'm determined to distract myself in a way that won't too harshly affect my bank account. Seriously, how did I not come up with the title Confessions of a Shopaholic first?!

Anyway, during my browsing sesh I found a really adorable blog that I found myself basically stalking. The blog belongs to Tiffany Leigh a "Toronto based Interior Design major and blogger" (Check the blog out here, it's magnificent!) and it got me thinking I should make a post about my interior design dreams. I don't claim to have the fantastic eye required to actually take up schooling or anything but I, like many, have a Pinterest board for my Dream Home. I'm quite good at escaping into dream-world so naturally I have my main apartment in the Upper East Side, my summer house in the Hamptons, my house in Florida for when I want to visit my family, my house in London, etc. etc. All very realistic and attainable, of course.

(DISCLAIMER: I'm not really stupid, I know this isn't going to end up being my apartment! It's just some fun! Also the pictures are all directly linked so you can find where they're from super easily!)

This post is probably going to be more of a mundane spluttering of photos than anything too intriguing or even useful. 

Our story begins in Manhattan. A twenty-something year old from Florida has finally found his big break as a Stylist, Creative Director, or Editor of a huge magazine (leaving room for the possibilities, duh). Zoom into the Upper East Side and we find a lovely brownstone. It's traditional and elegant, the perfect place for dimly lit dinner parties and budding friendships and romances.

When you walk in you're hit with a burst of color! There's gotta be flowers and some sort of preppy-fun print on the walls or lampshades or vases. There has to be a splash of my personality the second you walk in or I've failed as a decorator and a host.

In the living room there's a gallery wall, of course. A brushstroke edition of a Chanel or Dior perfume is residing in one of the laquered frames. Maybe an original Italian piece, too. A few gorgeous prints from Design Darling also light up the room (the top knot is my favorite and I'll definitely have some gold foil quotes in there, too). On an opposing wall there's a lush painting that just draws in all the colors and makes it that much more fun!

The office is beautiful, bright, white and inviting! Who wouldn't mind spending their extra hours writing their blog and editorials from this space? (I'm still deciding between a few layouts...)

The bedroom is sophisticated and orderly, everything has a place and it just feels like home. That's how beds are supposed to feel, aren't they? Swap that pink for turquoise or chartreuse and we're in business.

Even the bathroom is chic! And last, but certainly not least, the dining area is extremely refined and stylish. It's simple and ready to be adorned with beautiful dishes. (Did I mention that I absolutely cannot cook to save my life? So it'll be takeout or someone else's masterpiece lining the plates!)

There you have it. It's been lovely giving you a tour around my dream apartment! Obviously I didn't include my kitchen because it probably will be the messiest room in the apartment and the oven will be inevitably full of sweaters (obvi). One day maybe some portion of this can come true... Thanks for reading (well, looking at pictures) and I hope you're off to check out the lovely Tiffany Leigh's blog and work on your 'Dream Home' board on Pinterest!!



  1. Robby! This was such a sweet and thoughtful shout out, thank you so much! It's always fun to hear when I've inspired someone to begin dreaming about interior design! I absolutely love all of your inspiration. When you get that big break, invite me to your place in the Upper East Side, will ya?! xox. I'll be following along.

    1. We will have the finest champagne and microwave macaroni and cheese! ;) Can't wait to follow your journey too!! .x

  2. Haha now wouldn't it be nice to live like the Kardashian's. And I am familiar with Tiffinay's blog it is great. Cute blog following via Bloglovin.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. It would be divine!! Thank you so much, I appreciate it! .x