Friday, February 21, 2014

Aminda, Angie, Lizzie, Gabby, and Hayley!
(winners drawn 2/24/2014)

I'm doing something crazy! My first giveaway! I've designed five prints and so I will pick five winners and send them a glossy 8x10 print! You can use these for your gallery wall or bedside table, anywhere really! The frame is not included in this giveaway and I will pay for postage to send it to you!

The only thing about the giveaway is that I only have one of each print and so it will be random which print you receive!

How it works:

You enter the contest and on Monday (Feb. 24th) I will assign all of the entries a number and will then use a random number generator to select five winners. I do require that you live in the United States. If you're under 18 you should probably make sure it's okay with your parents if you enter since if you win you'll be receiving a package!

How to enter:

You can enter on multiple platforms to increase your chances or you can just enter on one, it's up to you!

You can retweet this tweet on Twitter! You do have to be following me on Twitter for this entry to count!

You can reblog this post on Tumblr (I will contact you via ask box if you win!). You do have to be following Prim and Preppy on Tumblr for this entry to count!

You can share this post on Facebook (I will send you a message!). You do have to like Prim and Preppy on Facebook in order for this entry to count!

You can comment your e-mail address on this post.

If you are selected as a winner but did not abide by the guidelines you will be disqualified and your print will go to someone else. :( After all, the purpose of me giving away these free prints is to try and expose Prim and Preppy! :)

Why I'm doing this giveaway:

The main reason is to increase traffic on the blog! So I hope that in entering this giveaway you'll see the blog and follow it. Of course you don't have to but that's the goal of it! :)

Thanks and good luck!



  1. Love those prints! I can't believe you made them! My email is carolinestfrancis@gmail.com


  2. Luvvvv them! And I am your sister soooooo ������❤️�� weber.sunshine@gmail.com